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INEVERITABILITY: The quality of existing only in the future.




Do we choose to learn or to investigate?
Do we choose to learn when we volunteer to be taught?

Teaching discourages learning.

And learning is the result of discovery and   therefore not a voluntary act.

Inviting young minds to discover for themselves the magical allure of the many new pathways makes the acquisition of new ideas, an exponential adventure, an explosion of discoveries which will always be in danger of being arrested by that tap on the shoulder and the whispering, tantalizing perhaps even hypnotic voice which says to one and all, “search no more my friend; “we” have the answer.

And finally, for those who are on the verge of “chickening out” and are tired of searching, reluctant to surrender to the mantra of the Chicken Whisperer, there is service.

When giving “back” to the community at large we often discover that we are returning something that we did not know we had, something spiritual, something often totally beyond our ken and this “new” source of information enters the realm of our greater awareness and becomes strong in ways that would never have been expected.

This awareness improves our relationships with friends and family, coworkers, customer/clients and prospects.