Another day. Now off to work again.

7:10 am: Yesterday I was asked to stop ad-libbing  but I was unable to do that. When I asked for a clean headset I was told by Kristine that I would be given “an opportunity to buy a headset” if I manage to complete my training.” The implication was that my chances of making it “to the floor” are slim. If I stay on the payroll for two weeks after training, my pay as a result of default to the lower rate would consume a significant part of my pay check.


Randomly distributed headsets on a daily basis.

This is Tuesday, July 17, 2012. Every day, the headsets are distributed to each caller from a batch of randomly chosen head sets. This dramatically increases the risk of spreading disease. I have had a different headset every day. Very scary. I was in the class that started on Thursday, July 12, 2012. There were at least seven of us. Another larger class started the following day. I did not look to see if a class was in progress yesterday. The room has fifty seats. I suspect that the population cleanses itself of the majority of callers on a monthly basis. I’ll check the training room today.

We are treated well but the question is Does this company PCC, actually have reason to prefer a high churn rate? The only reason I could see that this might be so is the default pay rate of $7.65 per hour. If forty callers who would otherwise have been paid $10.00 per hour for 35 hours per week, were instead paid at the default rate that would result in a savings of from $25,000.00 to $30,000.00 for the month.

Handing out unclean headsets on a daily basis increases the likelihood of becoming ill before the ninety day probation is met. If any of us were to separate for any reason from this job on the ninetieth day we would fall into this default circumstance. I’m guessing that most do not make it. The odds of successfully completing ninety days appear to be very slim, indeed.

My guess is that if it were discovered that this company is deliberately encouraging illness as a means of sabotaging individual success among trainees that a felony offense would be discovered within the management staff of PCC.


07.09.2012, 3:00 pm

My name is Lee Broom, born Robert Lee Oakes Jr. on June 12, 1939. I was adopted later by Horace Dixie Broom and his wife, my Great Aunt, Sadie Hannah Marie Oakes-Broom.

On Monday of this week I interviewed with Thomasina at PCC for a job that would involve fundraising and/or raising public awareness of various political campaigns for the Republican Party and for other organizations whose agendas are thought of primarily as Conservative. I arrived with an impressive resume pointing to my experience with a lifetime of providing active support for the Republican Party and its candidates for public office. After filling out PCC’s job application I was ushered to an alcove with two chairs facing each other; The Designated Interview Area. No office but official looking nevertheless.

When the interview was over and we had risen from our seats in the designated interview area I was handed some papers along with the request to fill them out before leaving. Looking at them I realized that these were tax forms, which required personal information that I had until now, not disclosed. “Fill these out and bring your I D with you on Thursday morning” were the instructions. “Does this mean that I am now an employee”, I asked; Thomasina had not even glanced at my paper work. “Be here at 8 o’clock on Thursday morning”, the interviewer replied. I filled out the forms and left with an uneasy feeling. I have already had three jobs in the last year where I had been the victim of three en masse dismissals with no pay. State labor officials in those cases had been no help at all. In fact they told me that companies which use these practices are very hard to prosecute or for that matter to find evidence of law-breaking. I left the premises aware of how badly I need a job and how difficult it had been as an older person in a difficult job market to find work at all.

I get the feeling that if I am fired on the 89th day, I’ll owe them money. A contract was spoken to me from memory to me at a very high rate of speed and then I was asked if I had any questions. I was so dazed by the speed with which this interview took place that I had almost no knowledge of what had been said.

My guess is that if it were discovered that this company is deliberately encouraging illness as a means of sabotaging individual success among trainees that a felony offense would be discovered within the management staff of PCC.


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