Molishness, Smartishness and Lonishness



Moleskines are beginning to replace the Smarty Pants phones as the new Look-at-Me gadgetry, appearing on the tables of fancy restaurants everywhere. It isn’t too difficult to imagine that some of
these wannabe Hollywood directors spend more of their dollars on Molishness than Smartiness.

As for Lonishness , I am still dragging my feet. I can barely imagine leaving my desk for the evening without slipping  a 3″ x 5″ spiral notebook available in as many colors so far as I have subjects, into my business shirt pocket.

With only a quill and a bottle of ink, the founders  of this country
penned the Declaration of Independence. I wonder if while waiting to sign on the dotted line,  the gathering was characterized with envious observations of the appearance and quality of individual writing implements.

Peacock feather? Really?

Declaration_independence signers




True leaders do not seek leadership; though are often discovered. 
True leaders are not compliant, they are true to their own ethics.
True leaders recognize, accept and attempt to share Love.
True leaders do not seek to prove but to discover Truth.
True leaders do not compete, they encourage.
True leaders allow others to be themselves.
True leaders don’t advise, they listen.
True leaders serve when needed.
True leaders are often despised.
True leaders are curious.
True leaders are us.
True leaders are.
Truth leads.

From Leadership: A Love Story. 
Lee Broom.



He appears from the darkness in silence; He may have been there for hours.

Like the minute hand on my Omega, I failed to notice him at first.


I speak; he glares.


The tattered apparition holds his gaze.

“May I pass please?” I attempt to move around him. “I beg of you please, may I pass?”

He remains silent. His eyes hold mine. What are they telling me? He’s wearing a badly soiled, well-tailored, senatorially pinstriped suit, crafted apparently for a taller man in a different time, most certainly a better defined neighborhood. His attire assumes a sadness; a life of poverty? Perhaps a recently downgraded lifestyle forced upon him by difficult times?

I step to my right – he steps to his left.

“Please” I implored, “My lunch hour is over. I need to get back to my desk.” Neither a minute flick of lash nor hint of furrowed brow.

I breathe deeply and attempt to relax the imagined lines in my forehead. He remains implacable; an immovable stoic with an unknown plan. What does he have on his mind. His left hand is hidden in the left trouser pocket where gentlemen account for their coins. Is he holding a weapon? A switch-blade?

I move to the left – he to the right.

“Are you hungry? There is a warm dinner roll in my doggie bag. I had one of these for lunch; delicious. I think you’ll enjoy it.”

I raised the offering; no response.

I deke to the right and quickly left. Had I been wearing a weathered, fifty year-old, hand tailored, poorly fitting suit I might have thought for a moment that I was dancing at a street corner, practicing moves before a mirror.

Mulling momentarily: “How much to cross the street?”

“Fifty Cents”: I offer a dollar; his left hand withdraws from the left trouser pocket and places two quarters into my open palm.

The disheveled entrepreneur steps to his left.

The light turns green.

As I cross the street, I scold myself. “I was the beggar; that man in the dirty ragged suit was a succesful businessman.”

Customer Satisfaction is the basis upon which succesful businesses are built. Customer Service can improve or destroy a business depending on whether the Customer receives good Service or GETS "Serviced".