Of all the well established, larger-than-most retail, mega-stores,  Safeway, having begun 2016 in search of a bailout, and finally Albertson stores,  eventually succumbed to new management and to new merchandising ideas.

For those shoppers who view price as no object, the trip is short, in spite of the obstacle course that the grocery aisles have become; for those however who see to it that every penny is accounted for, low prices are one of life’s requirements; their shopping trip may take hours.

There is a Safeway in the Beverly Hills-esque neighborhood in which I live and work. Starting my workday in the Safeway environs I check the aisles for newly reduced items and then settle down in the restaurant area with a tall dark roast and discounted doughnut from the bakery; I pull out my pad and begin to take notes.

The coffee line is filled with customers with thin  young bodies who order expensive, and yes, fattening beverages. Most return to the parking lot.

Returning to ones transportation however, is quite a different thing for those choosing grocery items; the aisles are no longer  easily traversed. They are in fact, more like a maze.  The reason apparently is to slow the shoppers progress which has two obvious benefits to the store; The slower the shopping, the more crowded the cashier lines and a packed parking lot. And of course all of that results in a huge increase in impulse purchases.

A hidden benefit for Safeway is the intense effort to gather information with the purpose of efficiency as opposed to yesteryear’s method of motivating consumers to spend more. Offer your store card and get a discount. Those personalized cards are slowly being replaced with anonymous cards; efficiency being the ultimate goal.

This kind of merchandising is influencing retailing in every venue.

Notice the difference in airtime advertising and the changed appearance of internet home pages. The new Year hasn’t even begun and we are heady with the newness of life.

Accept the newness and pass it on.




What to do When Awakening to A Post Thanksgiving Depression.

1. Go to the refrigerator. Place your head into the freezer and breathe deeply five times. The negative ions will perk you up.

2. Take a shower. Splashing drops of water create negative ions which will perk you up.

3. Sit down at the breakfast table and say “Thank You”. (and mean it). If you don’t know who you said that to, don’t fret, it doesn’t matter. Eat breakfast and breathe deeply and exhale before each bite.

4. As you wash the breakfast dishes, clean the dirty edges around the kitchen sink or take a mop to the kitchen floor; do one quick chore which was not in your plan.

5. Go about your day. If you find yourself looking down, raise your eyes and look for the eyes of another, peer into them and say “Hi, how’s it goin’ “ (and mean it).

6. When you go to bed say “Thank You” (and mean it). If you don’t know who you said that to, don’t fret, it doesn’t matter.

What to do When Awakening to A Day Filled With Sunshine.

1. Same as above.

By Lee Broom.



True leaders do not seek leadership; though are often discovered. 
True leaders are not compliant, they are true to their own ethics.
True leaders recognize, accept and attempt to share Love.
True leaders do not seek to prove but to discover Truth.
True leaders do not compete, they encourage.
True leaders allow others to be themselves.
True leaders don’t advise, they listen.
True leaders serve when needed.
True leaders are often despised.
True leaders are curious.
True leaders are us.
True leaders are.
Truth leads.

From Leadership: A Love Story. 
Lee Broom.

Keep Coming Back.It Works (If You Work It).

When customers believe that they have bought a product, they congratulate themselves on their good judgment.

When customers believe they were sold a product they often grouse about either their bad judgment or the sales person or both.

Buyers brag to their friends about either their great choice, about the sales experience or both; referrals are often the result.

The second category of customer may be either complacent or unhappy. In either case referrals are not likely to result.

The worst kind of information……

………that which you got from your neighbor.

It doesn’t matter if it is an email pass-along, gossip or the latest on a product recently seen on television or the internet or maybe a ten word tweet. Information gathered in this fashion is believed according to the number of repetitions within the community of the individual receiving it. Its value is based not on truth but on popularity.

This is the yardstick used by marketers.

As a marketer, I rarely possess a measure for the ethical considerations of the individuals who populate my target market. I can follow my own rules of good conduct. I can add a little music. If I make a sale I wrap my product and send it on its way.

You are your own secret weapon.

lafayette compound 009

You are your own secret weapon.

Your friends and coworkers understand what you are doing when you describe life. They understand that you are very careful in your description of details.  They understand that you are sharing so others can profit from your experience.

And then there are The Interpreters. The interpreter may think that your attention to detail reveals that you are either complaining or bragging.

Complaining is an indirect way of asking for help. So is bragging. The Interpreter must interpret when confused by honesty. Indirectness and a lack of self-awareness are the tools of The Interpreter.

Sharing on the other hand, contributes to the good of all.

When the Interpreter asks how you are doing, say GREAT. To do otherwise would impede growth for all concerned.

“Daniel in the Lion’s Den” is a great metaphor for the Detailer who is surrounded by Interpreters.

It is possible to be surrounded by a single Interpreter. Be still; it will soon be over.

This remark is mildly sarcastic. Sarcasm attempts to bridge the gap between complaining and sharing.

You are your own secret weapon. Your gift will grow when shared.

Customer Satisfaction is the basis upon which succesful businesses are built. Customer Service can improve or destroy a business depending on whether the Customer receives good Service or GETS "Serviced".