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As a boy I helped in my parents clothing stores. My weekend hours were devoted to running my own businesses, none of which was a lemonade stand.

From Mother I learned about banking and the arts. From Father I learned about conversation, gathering information by taking frequent field trips carrying with me at all times a Brownie Camera a pencil and pen and a drawing pad. With the help of these two remarkable people I learned about the arts and about sharing with others.

As an adult I used this combination of skills to create retail stores which focused on the arts. As a part of my daily work I included building a children’s theatre, helping to build a radio reading service for the blind and spent thousands of hours donating my time to various volunteer activities supporting the arts and feeding the hungry. And I learned about fundraising, one of the most valuable skills that I possess.

All of this requires a willingness to accept others and to be of good service both to those whom I serve and to myself.

Lee Broom.


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Customer Satisfaction is the basis upon which succesful businesses are built. Customer Service can improve or destroy a business depending on whether the Customer receives good Service or GETS "Serviced".

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