The Cloud is just another word for Internet.


Yep. Everybody knows but nobody cares. After all we’ve already been through this with our smarty – pants phones.

The Internet is being repackaged as The Cloud   and offered as security against ever losing one’s place. Yep, repackaged and given away.

Its free you are told as you buy the package that goes with your new HP Laptop. “Dang it Honey, they included The Cloud. and its free. Whaddaya think. We can store our documents on the Cloud. We’ll never run out of space.”

So Dang-it-Honey and Honey buy Windows 10. And they get Free CLOUD.


They’ve had Free Cloud  for thirty years but that was when it was called The Internet. Now they have  limited free use of The Internet (now called The Cloud) until they have to start paying rent (on The Cloud).


Free email?

Always had Free Email but what about The Path to our Free Email?

The Path to our Free Email has always been Invisible.

The Path has always been Free.

Microsoft wants to turn that Pathway into a Toll Road. The User will stop at The Gate, pay a fee and proceed to their Free Email.

By that time we will all be getting used to paying Cloud Rent and Gateway Tolls; we won’t even notice when the Email Folks reveal hidden charges.

But noooo Microsoft can’t charge a Toll; Microsoft owns Outlook. That’s email. That’s unethical

Wrong. They don’t own Outlook. And unethical? What’s that?

Microsoft sold Outlook in order to make jillions of dishonest bucks with The Gate. To reach your Free Email you will travel on a Toll road. You will stop at the Gate and you will pay to pass.

Free Print Shop? Same deal: The Toll Road – The Gate – The Print Shop (The Print Shop is free… for a while)

Are you starting to worry? Don’t do that…I made this up. This is what Ms. Huff and Puff (now AOL) calls Responsibly – Creative Journalism.

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