Whoso would be a man must also be a ONE ACT PLAY.


Whoso would be a man must also be a non conformist. –Ralph Waldo Emerson, Essays: First Series




Rebel: Anti-conformist.

Scholar: Non-conformist.

Non-conformist: Seeker of truth.




Seasoned Follower: Sounds a little bit like a True Leader. Always carries a book written by a former True Leader.

Voice in the Crowd: Could be anybody, a True leader, A Seasoned Follower, a Non-conformist-Anybody, Anti-conformist; anybody, really.

A Child in their midst.




Follower: “What should I do?”

Leader: “What if…….”, “How would……..?”, “Why was that?”

Voice in the Crowd: “Who wants to be our leader?”

Seasoned Follower: “I do.” 

Voice in the Crowd: “ Go ahead then, You shall be our leader.

A child in their midst: “I think the Voice in the Crowd should be our leader.”

(Though coming from the lips of one so young, the idea seems to resonate throughout the crowd. The followers quickly vote amongst themselves and elect the Voice in the Crowd to be their Leader.)

Voice in the Crowd:” “No, No” I don’t want that responsibility, really; I spend most of my time writing. I don’t have time to be a Leader. “

A child in their midst:“I have an idea, You continue to spend your days writing and I’ll come over every morning and edit your written words; I’ll even create a blog, And, I could make a movie of you at work and publish the video on YouTube. I’m little; you won’t even know I’m there. And you, Mr. Voice in the Crowd, can continue your daily activities undisturbed by your followers plus…. your followers will have a new Leader.”

(The Voice in the Crowd  mulls this idea over, eventually relaxing his furrowed brow, replacing the worrisome stress indicator with a big, wide smile on his lips which is in turn, greeted by a resounding salvo of energetic hurrahs and this group of followers celebrate the fact that they now have a new Leader. Of course they all think that their new leader is Mr. Voice in the Crowd but you and I know that the True Leader is the little girl who saved the day.)

By Lee Broom


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