I get a lot of questions from readers about photography. Today it was about using titles to sell images. We know a lot about selling but not everything. We start with what we know and then seek answers for what we don’t. We experiment. We learn. We apply what we learn.
When conducting an experiment one must focus on the process rather than the result. Experimenting is about forgetting the obvious and seeking the unknown.
Discovering a good title has to do with guarding against  telling  the viewer the results  and encouraging them to make some discoveries on their own?
If instead of telling a story with a picture, I did that by writing a book, would I  tell the reader the ending or would I tease her and coax her to take part in The Process.
When you read a whodunnit, don’t you try to at least guess at what’s coming up in the next paragraph and after a few correct guesses don’t you guess at whether the killer was the butler or the victim’s childhood sweetheart?

A title that is a perfect fit will soon be forgotten. Subtlety inspires curiosity. Curiosity produces ideas.

Ideas produce sales.


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