We can stay sane simply by seeking approval. Approval, in varying degrees is ours for the asking. Let’s assume that the nod of approval is worth two points; a hug is twenty and a smile, two million.

We can offer approval; for that we get four million points which we must split with our approvees.

Who knows how the Approval Rating Point System (let’s call it ARPS) works but it does…up to a point. We aren’t aware of this system because it is done below the level of awareness. But however elusive the ARPS data is, we know when it’s no longer working; we know instantly when we think we are getting less than we are giving.

Where the confusion comes in is when we discover that we don’t know the difference between Approval and Love; we don’t realize that one is sought and the other is offered until someone points that out.

We don’t know until we are told that approval is conditional and Love is not.

We don’t know that approval is part of what makes all living things interact and that it can actually be measured to some degree in a laboratory environment while Love remains a Mystery.

We don’t know on our own that the key to unlocking this Mystery is the key of Willingness and Awareness.

And the we discover Love;

We Accept The Love and We Pass it On.

Some say Love is the function of the universe. Some say it is the job description for God. And some say “help me, I’m falling…”

No need to fall…

Accept the Love and pass it on.

Offer the best solution and write the order.


Lee Broom


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