Don: What draws you to wanting to be in sales?

Lee: I am a writer. Every novel, every poem, every play is from start to finish, a pitch, a sales presentation, a close.

But let’s say I am a picture framer; I am convinced that only a well-educated conservator should be handling a work of art to be framed and I want the prospect to know this; I let the artist or the owner of the still wet oil painting to know that I meet or exceed these qualifications. I make my opinions known before selecting a sample of framing materials.

Perhaps, I am a young, single man whose eyes and imagination will not allow him another minute to pass without making a presentation to the loveliest woman he has ever seen. I am embarrassed, awkward and at my very worst as I stand before her, determined to present the image of a man of strong bearing.

And lastly, let’s say I have just been born; my umbilical cord has been cut and I cry; my lungs inflate and I am in a new world. I experience danger; I feel the tremor of first fear. Mother calms me. The safety that seemed to have been lost is reaffirmed with mother’s cooing words.  I have learned about danger and the need for safety.  I now link fear with crying. Finally, I discover the connection with making loud baby sounds and the reassuring voice, a voice that I know well, singing gently, “Now, now, Mommy’s here.”

I have in the last few seconds, made my first of a million future sales presentations for no greater reason than to do my part in making the world a better and safer place in which to spend my life.

I am a natural-born salesman. And so are you.

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