Doing Business in the Twenty First Century.


Who are you?

Do I trust you?

Am I afraid of it?

Will this work for me?

Who says it’s important?

What will my peers think?

These are all variations of one complicated thread: how will this process make me feel?

Even though that’s all we care about, marketers seem to think it’s fine to spam, fine to focus on specs and important to talk mostly about price.

Seth Godin. Seth’s Post. 8.25.2012

For 200 years the questions mentioned above have been the driving force behind doing business in America. The reputation for quality and integrity were the secret of thirty years of business success with Lee Broom Gallery and Design. These were also the traits that led to the demise of these stores. Today, Wal-Mart competes mainly with Amazon; hanging out at the mall is being replaced by Facebook and Printerest. I’ll never return to a marketplace that has a market share of 50000 when I have internet access to millions. Quality? Sure I’ll always provide quality.Perfection?  Not so much.

Lee Broom. 8.25.2012


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