The name Ninety Day Wonder originally referred to the training of approved army privates after the initial 16 weeks of basic training required for combat, for Officer’s Candidate School. Education requirements could be satisfied with a decent score of the newly devised GED test. I was one of those men chosen for this honor.  I did not complete the ninety days. A few weeks later I was transferred to the 287th Field Artillery based in Dachau, Germany.

This blog is about Customer Service and the importance thereof to the ultimate success of any business endeavor. the goals of this blog are changing somewhat however as it is inspiring me to write a book with the same name on the same subject. My plan is to focus on the history of Customer Service beginning with the introduction of the telegraph system and the building of ADT and Western Union. The name Ninety Day Wonder is a congratulatory salute to all the men and women who in a very short training period manage to accomplish the seemingly impossible task of solving millions of problems daily, problems which threaten the success of business in America.

In the interest of time and with my daily workload increasing to meet my publishing goals I will post an article in time for my readers Monday morning inspiration.

Thank you for following Ninety day Wonder.

Lee Broom.




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