I  was typing away and in the middle of a really great idea when my chair broke and the left side of my body went down. Were it not for the arm on my chair I would have fallen to the floor but it didnt and neither did I.

After a quick investigation I discovered that all that had been holding this lovely, leather and chrome piece of furniture were 4 screws, each of which measured two and a half inches and one of which was now broken.

I removed the pieces and headed for Home Depot down the street, to the right and then left, then right again and went directly to aisle 19 and showed the bits of wreckage to the leader of the dell and she said “You broke it”

I agreed and she handed me two packages. “You’ll probably need both of these ; they are a dollar nineteen each.” One package had two screws the other had four.

I gave her a puzzled look.

“One size is a quarter inch to small, the other too long; I don’t have the size you want.”

Still puzzled…

“These items are priced by the pound” she explained.

I nodded as though I understood what she was telling me.

“The computer age” I observed.

She agreed.

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