My work day starts at 5:30.  I leap from my bed, I warm the coffee and the steel-cut oats that I prepared the night before and carry these things to my desk. I work till noon. I post five blogs working from the creative contributions made during the hours between evening meetings and bedtime. At 1145 I make a sandwich or a salad and settle down to watch part of a movie or series and congratulate myself on my new discovery. (Watching part of a movie, that’s what’s new.)

To watch the entire show would be a disgusting use of a great day for writing, reflecting, reviewing and fumbling through hand written notes from dinner out or attending a concert, written perhaps after I dash to the hidden room where the wheel chair customers cluster. They know me  there and they wait for me to finish before anyone says “Hi Lee, is it a novel or a play?”

So why did I watch only a glimpse of a movie? Because that is all we get to see in real life. I don’t need to know “the end of the story”; I want to learn how to live and those lessons are learned on the path; they have nothing to do with the destination…

Hi my name is Lee, your Fuller Guy around. I have a free, unbreakable (SNAP!!!) comb…

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