Sometimes, when I’m with a customer I share a personal story; one that includes fear and love.

I do that, because they are in many ways, my brother or my sister or because there is a child with them that could be my great granddaughter.

I realized how important this was to me one day many years ago, working as an out and about coffee sales man. Though I never consciously competed with my team mates or even with myself, I learned one day that I had received a five hundred dollar bonus for having earned the most in commissions that month. And I felt ashamed, not because I had received an unexpected gift but because it had already occurred to me that loving people could be profitable.

So how do I deal with this sort of thing today now that I am older and “wiser”?

I don’t; I am still me; and I still love people and I still like the safety I feel for myself and my family that comes from being financially successful but safer still because I am free to accept The Love and to pass it on.

Accept the Love and pass it on.

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