The name Ninety Day Wonder originally referred to the training of approved army privates after the initial 16 weeks of basic training required for combat, for Officer’s Candidate School. Education requirements could be satisfied with a decent score of the newly devised GED test. I was one of those men chosen for this honor.  I did not complete the ninety days.A few weeks later I was transferred to the 287th Field Artillery based in Dachau, Germany.

Twenty years later I attempted to buy the frame shop that I had successfully managed in Scottsdale Arizona for eight years. My negotiation techniques were netting zero results. I shopped around the neighborhood and found a nearby vacancy, put down a deposit and signed a lease which gave me thirty days to withdraw if I so chose.

I negotiated one more time with my employer, mentioning the new alternative. The offer was rejected. Though I had the support of my bank to buy the older store, they rejected my application for the thirty thousand dollars I needed to get started. I sold one of my automobiles and used the resulting two thousand bucks to get the store furnished and ready for sales. I then went to the bank and asked for three letters of credit totaling six thousand dollars and placed orders for art prints and raw materials inventory necessary to build custom framing.

Loyal to the company which had formerly employed me I refrained from calling my old customers and chose instead to buy a full-page in the Entertainment section of the Friday issue of the Scottsdale Progress featuring a picture of me and a hand written letter signed Lee, promoting the benefits of shopping at the newly opened Lee Broom Picture Framing Company.

I began to build a business.


On the ninetieth day, after witnessing the rapid growth of LBPFC the bank manager offered me a line of credit for twenty thousand dollars.


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