When I reached my seventh birthday it was decided that I should become a member of a group of student crossing guards at Harmony Elementary School in Oklahoma City OK.

We were sponsored by the Kiwanis Club International; I wore  a badge and was called a Kiwanis Junior Policeman. I wondered why I was chosen for this honor; however, now that I know, it would only change the subject to reveal that information. So…

What I  remember best are three words which became a major affirmation:


Like the Boy Scout motto BE PREPARED. those three words STOP, LOOK & LISTEN  linked themselves to other similar affirmations and drove home the importance of remaining upright  in a slippery world.

As a writer and an entrepreneur these four syllables have become an outline to success, I carry a two spiral notebooks and two gel pens with me at all times.

An idea worthy of note arrives at my mental doorstep:

I STOP and reach for implements of scriptorial application…

I LOOK at my pad…

I LISTEN for the idea to come through.


I visit the Desert Botanical Gardens:

I STOP to visit with an interesting plant,

I LOOK and appreciate the details.

I LISTEN for insect activity and the remarks from  nearby visitors.

And tomorrow when visiting with prospective customers I will…

STOP when I am tempted to interrupt the  person before me with the “Great Idea”, I shall…

LOOK at my notes and…

LISTEN carefully to what the prospect is telling me.

Have a great day and thanks for taking the time to…



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