Lee Broom

In our efforts to establish safety in the otherwise dangerous lives into which we have been thrust there is often a tendency or at least a temptation to stop our search when we begin to feel safe. We get a four-year degree in the field of our greatest interest and we stop. A few of us will go on to do graduate work but the higher the degree, the fewer the candidates.

My only point is that eventually most of us establish a routine and when we do, our opportunities to learn disappear.

Some people would say that I am old; I say that I am as hungry for knowledge as I was as a child. I’d say that but I’d be lying to myself. I have been using what some would call retirement years to justify my current occupation as a writer of books, plays and poetry. But recently I discovered an opportunity to start a new business. As I began preparing for it I discovered that even with my worldwide contacts and my extensive experience on the world stage that everything had changed. Old ways of doing business are dying with those who perfected those techniques.

And just as I was beginning to think that I was too old to adapt I suddenly found myself immersed into a one week highly intense program of learning being conducted the last week of February. It is supposedly designed for young, technically astute entrepreneurs. As I overcame my pride from earlier life accomplishments I discovered that I may very well be the one student with most to learn; “Thank You” I said;  “Thank You”.


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