R and R Means More Than Rest and Relaxation


Any remark can be made to sound truer than it really is if offered as a quotation. In the case of a filmed testimonial, “seeing-is-believing” becomes the clincher.

Everything is described as faster, shinier, less expensive than competing products.

This kind of advertising is not expected to last. Soon, the sameness of the product propaganda becomes the most important part of the message; responses wither; interest wanes. And a new product is offered which is greener, lighter in weight and is accompanied by “not one, but two additional items at no additional cost and you can  try them for a month for only fifteen dollars.

And then there is the “Everything in our store costs less” approach which means that some of the merchandise is iffy.

I was raised in a family business where quality was always the message. Growth was slow and the principles of “repeat and referral” kept advertising costs to a minimum.

So where do you fit into this picture?



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