When someone we love (or not) is speaking, are we listening?

Do we we half-listen, tuned partially to the recognition of possible keywords while formulating our own.

It’s important.

If a sales person had this very bad habit, that person would soon be out of work.

I have a   client who has been doing this for years.

She told me she knows she does it but never while “doing” it.

She is upset with her habit and wants to stop.

Her husband sounded furious; He insisted he wanted her to stop this “infuriating, absurd habit”.

When they came to me for help I suggested a change, not for the wife but for the husband. At my request he agreed to stop talking so much and to occasionally insert one word confirmations of the last word of the last sentence that left his lover’s lips.

That was months ago.

They came to visit recently and told me their life together was once again quite “friendly”. And “Surprise, surprise”, the husband who earns his living selling real estate, is reporting a surge of new sales.

And they say they love each other.

That’s what they say.


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