Goal setting is not all it’s believed to be.

Example: Imagine setting a goal to build a new product, ready to manufacture by April 1 of this year. We shall rely heavily on what we know in order to set the date. But there are technical changes taking place that will surely affect our plans, so…

Do we wait until we have acquired improved knowledge and skills?

Do we guess at a new date?

We might have taken either of those philosophical paths twenty years ago but would it be smart in the current market?

Actually, if we are to pay any attention to the written words of those who discussed these same kinds of problems two to five thousand years ago we might be prioritizing better today.

Taoism, Confucianism, Zen; these attitudes place a much higher priority on The Path we take rather than The Goal; in fact with such thinking, that which we label as The Goal has no more status than the title of a good book; the title exists for the sole purpose of drawing attention to the text or The Path.

Here’s what many of us are still doing.

1: Visualize a product.

2: Plan the creation of the product.

3: Plan the financing of the manufacture of the product.

4: Plan the marketing of the product.

5: Plan the target date.

6: Create an alternate plan.


In other words, no matter how well we plan, the final result will be much different.

A practical solution is to focus on The Path. That way we are more open to newer and better ways of reaching the planned goal with a much better product than was originally imagined.

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