From yesterday:

I took another ride down Glen Ellen Hill, then went back home and inventoried the garage for building materials. I was intent on making a set of skis.

Well now, this was going to be alot easier…

Or not.

Two boards, 16 nails, 1 saw and a really big hammer.

I searched around for a smaller hammer; no…

I needed that heavy hammer to get the nails all the way in.

Here came Father; when I told him my plan  he said Okay Mr Architect, you designed it; where should I start.  He did everything I asked exactly the way I asked (Dixie Broom was  agreat dad and a very good carpenter. Two one -by-fours and six curtain rods and away we went. Dixie was as curious as I to see how this went as was Lee.

I did the same satanding at the top of the hill waiting for the self esteem to reach the proper level routine. (NO POLES). We forgot the ski poles. Okay, Arms out like getting ready to do a swan dive (Whats a swan Dive? Oh yeah, i read about it in world book.)

All the way down I kept thinking about how I could make it go faster with next pair of skis and finally I stopped. Hey everybody did you see me take that hill on my brand new skis.

Nobody saw, Nobody cared.

The song hadn’t been written yet but I sang it anyway. is that all there is, is that all theres is? if that;s allnthere is my friend then lets go dancing…


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