Tomiko and Elsie


As you now know if you listen to my Monday Night radio show, Retail Store Ads, on a regular basis, I go shopping on Sunday; in my hand as I enter any given store is the ad that I found that morning in the Sunday version of the AZ Republic. In addition I pay attention to the store and how it is managed. It is the second category I want to address this evening.
At the days of the last presidential election grew near, Big Box Store corps awaited, preparing to establish one of two possible new business plans. The day afterward, changes occurred: those changes fit usually into one of two categories; focusing either on customer service, wooing shoppers and seeking loyalty was one. The other group would prove to be far more interested in controlling those who would shop there believing that the population explosion of the twenty-first century guaranteed that there need never again be a lull in the volume of first time shoppers.

My interest was in the two major pharmacy chains. Both it seemed, reversed their public service approach with CVS becoming one of the finest examples of customer service in retail. My focus tonight is on the CVS store at 48th st. on Indian School Rd. and the two ladies who run the morning shift. Tomiko is usually found in the stacks of floor inventory hopping on a register when needed. Elsie stands ready to tend the line. Like most stores the line is often long. Unlike other stores the line moves quickly whether tended by one or both of these ladies.
My hat is off tonight to Tomiko and Elsie and the fine reputation they are building for CVS.


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