I’ve  been told that the purpose of Vipassanic meditation is to free one’s mind of bias.

When I first decided to meditate I wondered…

Am I meditating to find my path or to reach a goal?

Is it better to meditate alone or with a group?.

Is it possible that when one person meditates there is an opportunity for momentary freedom but that when one meditates with a group one silently submits to the expectations of others?

Is meditation about opportunity or about discovery?

is it possible that expecting an opportunity to hear God while meditating is to taint the experience thereof?

In conscious life, expectation appears to spoil our opportunity to  fully enjoy the treasure of life’s experience as life occurs. Does that principle not apply when meditating?

We walk through life seeking protection from danger. By so doing we limit our awareness and therefore miss opportunities for discovery. Meditation for this practitioner seems to free my mind of bias even if only for a few minutes.

I get comfortable, I close my eyes, I shut-up and say “Om” (quietly of course).

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