Morris: How are you Lee?

Lee; I’m fine Morris, I just checked my mail box; I’m  on my way to go shopping.

I’m not sure how these conversations should go. “How I am” means right that minute to me. To some people, “I am…” refers to a greater length of time and I’m guessing that there are great personal differences. When you asked me that question yesterday, I looked around in my head and then answered you honestly. It wasn’t until I got home that I found an unsent email to Randy regarding a problem that I may have created for our group, and within minutes I was reminded that my prostate is flaring up and that I have a week’s worth of work before me assembling data to prove that there has been a 20.000 dollar mistake on my most recent experience with the Affordable Health Care folks.

When I drop a task and move to something else, I really do that, literally. When I was younger It used to come out as “I’m not afraid of a damn thing.” What I meant to say was that at that very moment I had no problems.

Perhaps that is a problem.


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