“Yes”, she replied; “of course, Rupert, yes, yes, yes”. Karina’s every move was graceful, observed Rupert as her head spun 180 degrees to face him. He thought for a moment that he saw a fragment of bone suddenly emerge from her impossibly distorted, twisted but still graceful neck.  And, his entire being froze as he saw her eyes blink and then with a wink she claimed her beast of a man and Rupert realize that her entire body had twirled effortlessly in his direction. Dang, this is a glorious woman he said to himself. She denies nothing for she is capable of any and everything.

Hi my name is Rupert. I’d like to speak with the person in charge of widgets, gadgets and curly cues…

And as Rupert waited on “hold” he practiced responding to imaginary



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