SAFETY FIRST. then the sale.


As individuals when thinking on our own, we don’t.

Unless we are attempting to fill our bellies or empty them, chances are we are seeking safety. That too is fulfilling a basic need but our number one way of doing so involves winning the approval of others. It isn’t so much that we need the approval but that the greater the group, the greater the approval and the greater the approval the safer life appears to be.

Everything we spend money for is somehow related to approval – seeking or in a more truthful way of speaking, safety – seeking.

How shall we dress, where do we shop, attend school, work, worship (or not)….these are the things that help us decide how and where we spend our money.

These are the things that we need to learn from the prospect before making the connection between our product and the groups who promise a high level of safety for this, our prospective client.


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