One needs to enjoy one’s work.

If you don’t enjoy your work, get a second job. The extra activity will add dollars to your wallet and give you a greater appreciation for the first job.

If you don’t enjoy the second job, get a third job to fill your weekends.

If you notice that you miss the stuff you did for fun on the weekend which is no longer yours and you reckon that the second job is better than you ever realized and that the first job was actually more fun than you realized when it was your only job, then QUIT.

That’s right, QUIT.

QUIT all three jobs. You’ve been working three jobs for a year now; you need a vacation.

While vacating, you think.

You are realizing that what you really disliked about your work was not the work; after all what you have been DOING is now a part of your BEING.  What you disliked was the lack of freedom.

So now go get a volunteer job doing what you once did for a paycheck.

How does it feel?

You are part of a team. Do you like it?


Get another volunteer job where you are your own boss.

How does that feel?

If you feel more freedom as your own boss and you enjoy your work because it is more than a job description – it is a YOU description, then keep that volunteer job if you can and start your own business.

Or invest. Or….

Learn to enjoy what you are doing while you are doing it; enjoy WHO YOU ARE on a daily basis because otherwise you will only enjoy the memories of WHO YOU ONCE WERE.

Now get to work and remember to smile at everyone you greet ESPECIALLY, IF IT IS YOUR REFLECTION.


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