Opportunity: The more you accept the more you get.


Opportunity exists only in the present moment.

Opportunity arrives during moments of awareness.

Opportunity is Formless.

Accepting Opportunity is the act of Adding Form to Formlessness.

The primary impediment to the recognition of opportunity is a lack of self-awareness. Though this condition is normal and provides an occasional benefit, it prevents us from the acknowledgement of the millions of opportunities to improve our quality of life that arrive within each of us every day of our lives.

I’ve heard it said and seen it written that Fear is a way of blocking Opportunity but if you think about that for a minute, I think you’ll agree that fear is a great motivator. We probably make more decisions in this state of mind than any other.

Opportunity is not something that comes once in a lifetime.

Opportunity does not present only to the Lucky, the Gifted and the Wise.

Opportunity arrives twenty-four hours a day in the form of pictures, ideas and dreams. I mentioned in an earlier post, the importance of writing ideas down.

Another good habit is to learn to question ideas from other sources outside ourselves. Questioning motivates us to seek answers. Seeking information develops awareness.


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