Quitting any voluntary behavior is often nearly impossible.
Leaving a marriage,
Leaving a group of any kind,
Losing weight,
Quitting alcoholic drinking,
Changing from driving a sedan to piloting a pickup truck….

Even if suffering from dementia, the affirmations which made these behaviors a part of our behavior, the memory thereof will be with us always. Do Alzheimer victims lose their memory or do they simply lose the ability to control it.

Our bodies have trillions of cells. These cells are experiencing change and recording these changes; with the assistance of our unconscious mind these cells are making decisions on our behalf every second of every minute of every day of our lives.

However, we are the landlord of our activities; we are responsible for the activities that occur on the premises.

So how do we assume responsibility for affect change in our lives? Adam was responsible for making his own decisions and so was Eve.

The answer is to add a new behavior which will eventually, if affirmed on a daily basis, override the power of the undesirable habits. One person with one decision affirming a new idea consciously dozens of times a day is a powerful way to live one’s life. And one person acquiring the skills necessary to make these personal changes will if successful, continue on a path of improvement for the rest of their life.

And then there is the power of THE GROUP. Groups have the power to assist the individual in affecting the change that one seeks, faster, more effectively and for a longer period of time.

However there are penalties for acquiring change in this manner; using THE GROUP to affirm desired goals and values places the focus on the group rather than the individual, as being responsible for these new, positive changes.

The individual may miss opportunities for acquiring and/or improving the skills for affecting important life changes.

The habit of personal affirmation has stopped or at least slowed the growth of the most important life skill of all and that is to fearlessly move forward in life, without the biases and prejudices that are created primarily by group thinking. This individual may continue to blame others for their weaknesses and waste energy justifying their own ineffective self influence.

Life needs the survival skills that are provided by the group but the group is the tool of the individual. The formation of a group begins with a handshake.

The hand shake begins with the intention of one individual.

And if the members of society who have contributed the most to humanity were to be questioned about how they lived their lives I think that many if not most would admit to living their lives in solitude, exploring the mysteries of life through science and art. They would surely describe their great success upon their ability to trust their own decisions.


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