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Pursuing The Goal requires a daily search for proof and affirmation.

By doing this we are closing the book without having read it

When we set The Goal we begin by writing a story. That story is about The Path toward this goal.

The Path is our Life.

When we live our life with the eye on the goal we forfeit many of our daily choices.

Yesterday I read the following email:

“For two months I have been unable to write. The creative voice in my head has been silenced.

Two months ago I finished my canon, a book about focusing on the path instead of the goal.

No longer the author of a book in progress, I was now just an old man. Obviously, my friends were to blame. I heard only ‘You’re an old man; the book is not important.’

Last night my right Kidney said ‘get me to the hospital.’ Another voice said ‘Write about it’. So, I wrote. And, I recalled the joy of the path. And The Goal was not THE BOOK. it was the sharing.

Today, I apologize. Today, I thank you for your support. Today, I write… 
Today, I am a ‘Young Man’ (with compliant kidneys).”




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