Brother Larry (Memoirs)


In the Seventies, a Franciscan Friar friend who left The US Diplomatic corps for a different kind of service and who was a good friend to me at the earlier part of my career, taught me how to mingle with members of Congress, ASCAP and The Screen Actors Guild.

Build your business  said Brother Larry, head up your own corporation he told me, get on fund-raising committees, volunteer, write, become known as an author even if only to gain membership to organizations and mailing lists. Soon you will be receiving invitations to speak, you will be given comp tickets to plays, concerts and maiden flights and voyages around the globe and it won’t cost you a dime.

The price for all this he said was to introduce powerful people to other powerful people not just for the privilege of serving them but to help these people solve problems. And I did . Larry got me started by introducing me to political giants. I was already meeting The Hollywood people  on my own. I soon became a staple in the Hollywood party circuit and owned a gentleman’s wardrobe with 20000 dollars worth of handmade suits (multiply by 10 for today’s economy) and women everywhere. But I didn’t fit. It wasn’t that I didn’t feel comfortable among the rich and famous; I was raised in this kind of atmosphere. I didn’t fit because I needed time to myself. The price I was paying was my time. I was giving it all away.

So I married a lady with a daughter, a dog, a cat and a white picket fence.

(I’ll never do that again.)

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