Leadership: Whatever works.


Whoso would be a man must also be a non conformist.
–Ralph Waldo Emerson, Essays: First Series



Seasoned Follower
Voice in the crowd
Child in their midst
The Leader
The crowd


Follower:  “What if…….”, “How would……..?”,  “Why was that?”
Voice in the crowd:   “Who wants to be  our leader?”
Seasoned follower:  “I do.”
Voice in the Crowd :  “Go ahead then;  be our leader.
Child in their midst:   “I think the Voice in the Crowd should be our Leader.

Though coming from the lips of one so young, the idea seems to resonate throughout the crowd; the followers vote amongst themselves and  elect the Voice in the Crowd to be their Leader.

Voice in the Crowd: “No, No, I don’t want that responsibility, really; I spend most of my time writing. I don’t have time to be a Leader. “

Child in their midst: “I have an idea, You spend your days writing and I’ll come by your studio every morning and edit your written words, I’ll even create a blog, Perhaps I could make a video of you at work and publish the video on youtube. I’m little; you won’t even know I am there. And you,  Voice in the Crowd, can continue your daily activities undisturbed by your followers and your followers will have a new Leader.”

Voice in the crowd appears to mull this idea over, eventually relaxing his furrowed brow, replacing this worrisome stress indicator with a smile which is now greeted with a salvo of energetic hurrahs as this group of followers celebrate the fact that they now have a new Leader. Of course they all believe that their new leader is the Voice in the Crowd but you and I know that the True Leader is this little girl,   the Child in their midst who has saved the day.

-Leadership: A Love Story by Lee Broom


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