the list


Do you really want your friends and associates to receive personal emails from you that you did not send or that you know nothing about?

Recently, I stumbled across a video that apparently was not meant for public viewing. I was nosing around on the LinkedIn corporate website.

Suddenly a video popped up; it appeared to be a weekly (or daily) meeting of the LinkedIn staff. These guys were discussing various ways of stirring up activity among LinkedIn members. One suggestion was “Hey, we have access to their mailboxes. Can we go after that? The plan that evolved in a few minutes time was to raid member mailboxes, create messages on behalf of members contacting other members and then see what happens. A lot of damage was done to my security a week or so later as I became one of their victims.

Last week I wrote a paragraph about that event and sent it out to a list of technologically astute friends of mine. Immediately thereafter I began receiving an increase in email activity as hundreds perhaps thousands of emails, some from friends and business connections seemed magically inspired to congratulate me for dubious accomplishments and other

requests that I “please” reply. There were many more from strangers.

Retaliation…reward?  Or just an odd coincidence?

I don’t mind so much; those people I don’t know are easy to remove because they seem to come in clumps of a dozen or so. But it makes me think.

Central to the success of every business is the size and quality of it’s List. The List is everything. Once a tool for business The List now generates new businesses. All the social media sites exist for only one reason. Their only purpose is to Grow The List.

Every day we wear at least two hats, that of the consumer and that of the barker. Sometimes we wear one or the other at all times. When you begin your work day what will you be wearing.

Just wondering.


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