Mud pies – yours mine and ours




As a child I enjoyed licking the bowl after mother completed the first few stages of making chocolate pudding. At first my focus was on the gooeyness of the not-yet cold, not-yet chocolate pie but eventually it was about texture. I was so thoroughly conditioned to the cross-linked experiences that I had trouble understanding why mud pies tasted so wicked-bad.

When we are attempting to sell an idea we just naturally want to cover all the bases, an inherited behavior that we have allowed to run our lives since birth. There was nothing friendly about our greetings to the world we were entering; our ego was bursting, searching for words that were not yet ours to use and outraged at having been released from a nearly perfect world.

I am the sales professional. Listen to me : I know what I am talking about.

And when we lose the sale we mutter to ourselves in an attempt to learn from the experience and because we are so focused on Self we see only that we failed to cover all the bases.

This wicked-bad habit is our mud-pie.

Listen up, Gremlins. Listen for the prospect’s mud-pie; then Love the prospect because you are now on the same path. If the prospect buys it will be because of that shared feeling, the texture and the gooey mess that tastes so wicked-bad to you both and the key-lime pie that you discovered together.

Note: yesterday I read the post by my friend Stanley Grosse,  philosopher artist whose posts  inspire me whose art makes my  mud pies melt. Yesterday the subject was  TEXTURE.         Lee Broom.

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