Lee Broom

To the best of my knowledge, about 8% of the 100,000 LinkedIn viewers who have attempted to solve the following problem this week, have done so.


22×22= 8

33×33= ???

Those who were successful understood that this was not a math problem. When viewed as simply a problem of logic one needs only to completely understand the basic premise of the first syllogism, test it against the syllogism of groups of twos until the match becomes apparent and then replicate their success with the groups of threes.

With most problems in our daily lives for which solutions are not apparent, many of us tend to seek others for solutions. Among those seeking such help there will be some whose personal integrity will compel them to seek only the path rather than the destiny.

And among those who believed they had solved the problem unaided, all by themselves will be those who will guard their secret, perhaps because the exclusivity of belonging to a distinctively small group of scholars who realize that the importance of such a membership will be diluted by revealing their secret. Not that any of that is important.

I don’t know what group I belong to. I just know that my life which was once guided by logic still is.

OH YES, ABOUT THAT “not a math problem” PROBLEM…



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