Global Warming in the Arizona Desert


The last few times I entered motion picture theaters it was much too cold; I had to leave after fifteen minutes or so. I live and earn my living in the Scottsdale-Phoenix area of Arizona. I asked Danny Harkins of Harkins Theaters about that a few years back.

His speech to my business group included a question and answer session. The subject of his talk had addressed the various means of motivating shoppers and audiences to purchase more product while on site.

In response to my question about low on-site temperatures, Harkins claimed that the problem of obesity coupled with a growing percentage of Arizona newcomers from the cold, cold North was forcing public places to lower their temps. He added that Supermarkets have followed suit for other reasons. Grocers and office managers have discovered that a cold environment makes people more productive; shoppers fill their baskets in record time; office workers are more efficient under these conditions and more importantly, are less likely to nod off in boardroom meetings.

I live in the desert. I am relatively thin. I exercise regularly. And, if I shop on a hot summer day, I have to dress for December in the cold, cold North.

Global warming will probably not help.


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