ALWAYS BE CLOSING is not a commandment to continue repeating or rephrasing our “CLOSE” as we call that final moment in the presentation when the client says “YES I want it”, though there is probably not a sales training program in any English speaking country that is not populated with those whose daily mantra is this most popular phrase that we often call the ABCs of selling.

Nor is it the subject of this article except to use it as a metaphor for living a life with Purpose and Close. In the context of the salesroom  ABC means to be listening to the voicing of problems as presented non-stop by the prospect. Picture him or her behind the wheel of that new Tesla, listen to their reasons for not buying it and watch their body language for tell-tale buying signs.

Outside the sales room we are still being presented with non-stop problems, the dangerous driver who is weaving between lanes, the emergency that arrives in the form of a sick child, the portfolio that lost half its value over night. This is life. It can be worse. It can be better. We Listen, we Watch we look for signs of weakness and of strength, we make decisions. We determine to Always Be Closing.

In the sales room we look for YES. In the rest of our life we look for YES. The future is determined by what’s left over at the end of the day. Count the YESES. Before falling asleep, a prayer or affirmation regarding our beliefs, a review of the events of the day including a statement of gratitude for the events of that day and dreaming makes it so.  In the morning we arise, we check to make sure that all the body parts are okay we mind meld with All That There Is and we ask for or affirm Love and Serenity. The answer is a resounding YES. We accept the Love and we pass it on and continue to Always be Closing though out the day, in the salesroom, the lunchroom and the living room. YES. YES. YES.


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