Patooey !!! (repost)


Have you ever wondered what holds Cuban cigars together? It ain’t Elmer’s glue.

Do you happen to know why we’re supposed to turn down the flame when the water starts to boil?

Why do skin moisturizers often contain alcohol?

Why do we agree that we have the power to make ourselves happy but insist on falling in order to love?

The answer to the first question is Cuban spit.

As for the boiling water, consider that as a metaphor for marketing. The flame is the cost of doing business. Get it now?

With the skin moisturizers, the healing effects are a true life example. Like the boiling water, do too good of a job and the sales go down. (Alcohol dries the skin). Get it now?

Have a conversation with yourself about Falling in Love. Love is outward bound with no expectation of return. As marketers we often miss the point.

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