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Winner or Loser/ Gift or Commodity/ Grateful or Indebted,/Helper or Opportunist/Favor or Help.


Of the five apposing mindsets listed above, only one lacks contrast. The goals of Winners and Losers are identical.

Those whose are concerned for others are often inspired to Help. They don’t do Favors. Those who do engage in doing Favors usually keep a running list and at some future date will expect repayment. These people have no concept of the idea of Giving.

Some people when accepting a Gift will regard the Gift as a Favor to be repaid. Some will say “Thank you.” Those who say “Thank you” are usually Grateful. Sometimes they are just messing with you.

Some Helpers are actually Opportunists and consider their Favors as investments in their future.

“Gratitude” is a popular word in Crossword Puzzles. The clue is usually a word or set of words that define Indebtedness.

If this message confuses you, perhaps you are a Crossword Puzzle Junkie. Or perhaps you are Grateful for this information and find Gratitude to be threatening. If your sudden, unexpected rush of Gratitude for this information is inspiring a more familiar sense of discomfort of Indebtedness over the sappiness of Gratitude then send me fifty dollars and we can call it even.

You’re Welcome.


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