Opportunity: Defined by Those Who Seem to Know.

Cardiovascular Bldg. Scottsdale, AZ - 3

Medical Building Scottsdale AZ      by Kamal Amin

“Every morning I dressed up in a suit and tie, drove to the office and sat on my chair next to the telephone. No one knew I was there……..After two weeks of waiting by the telephone in my office,it rang one morning. I said to myself, ‘Good Lord, someone knows I am here’………..”
Kamal Amin

“I was seldom able to see an opportunity until it ceased to be one.” Mark Twain.

“The meeting of preparation with opportunity generates the offspring we call Luck.” Tony Robbins.

“There are only two choices: A police state in which all dissent is suppressed or rigidly controlled; or a society where law is responsive to human needs. If society is to be responsive to human needs, a vast restructuring of our laws is essential. Realization of this need means adults must awaken to the urgency of the young people’s unrest. In other words there must be created an adult unrest against the inequities and injustices in the present system. If the government is in jeopardy, it is not because we are unable to cope with revolutionary situations. Jeopardy means that either the leaders or the people do not realize they have all the tools required to make the revolution come true. The tools and the opportunity exist. Only the moral imagination is missing.”         William O. Douglass.

“I was seldom able to see an opportunity until it ceased to be one.” Mark Twain.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qa4eNnw3mZk Bobby McFerrin

The opposite of anxiety

I define non-clinical anxiety as, “experiencing failure in advance.” If you’re busy enacting a future that hasn’t happened yet, and amplifying the worst possible outcomes, it’s no wonder it’s difficult to ship that work.

With disappointment, I note that our culture doesn’t have an easily found word for the opposite. For experiencing success in advance. For visualizing the best possible outcomes before they happen.

Will your book get a great testimonial? Write it out. Will your talk move someone in the audience to change and to let you know about it? What did they say? Will this new product gain shelf space at the local market? Take a picture.

Writing yourself fan mail in advance and picturing the change you’ve announced you’re trying to make is an effective way to push yourself to build something that actually generates that action.

One reason this is difficult is that we’ve got a false humility that pushes us to avoid it. The other is that when we’re confronted with this possible success, we have to confront the fact that our current plan just isn’t that good (yet), that this site or that menu item really isn’t as good as we need it to be.

If you expect rejection, it’s a lot easier to ship lousy stuff. Said that way, it’s clear that this is a ridiculous strategy. Better to make it great now rather than mourn failure later.

Go ahead, write yourself some fan mail, in advance.

Seth Godin from Seth’s blog: The opposite of anxiety 8 1 2013

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