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As a boy I helped in my parents clothing stores. My weekend hours were devoted to running my own businesses, none of which was a lemonade stand.

From Mother I learned about banking and the arts. From Father I learned about conversation, gathering information by taking frequent field trips carrying with me at all times a Brownie Camera, a pencil and pen and a drawing pad. With the help of these two remarkable people I learned about the arts, about business and about sharing with others.

As an adult I used this combination of skills to create retail stores which focused on the arts. As a part of my daily work I included building a children’s theatre, helping to build a radio reading service for the blind and spent thousands of hours donating my time to various volunteer activities supporting the arts and feeding the hungry. And I learned about fundraising, one of the most valuable skills that I possess.

Today I do a radio show reading the Sunday Retail Store Ads to people who have lost their vision, and I help to run an art gallery for Phoenix AZ.  For me the most fulfilling work that I do is done with no expectation of monetary reward. I also sell collectible pieces of artwork from private collections and occasionally design interiors for friends and customers who have stayed in touch long after the last store was closed.

I am writing five books and when I get tired of all the solitude I take a job in an outbound call center selling a variety of business services.

The most important thing I have learned is that one’s work as well as one’s personal life, requires a willingness to accept others and to be of good service both to those whom we serve and to engage only in activities that help us to develop and maintain self-respect.

Thank you for visiting Ninety Day Wonder. I hope this blog is useful to you.


Lee Broom


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