Leaders are Service Oriented.


If you wish to lead then probably you will not.

If you desire success, you are there.

Both of these qualities were determined during the first two years of your life.

You made other decisions as a child, decisions that were determined not by reason; more likely by Fear.

Perhaps you decided to become tolerant. Or charming. Or one day you may have heard one of the giants talking with one of the other giants. They were discussing how perfect you were. “……. no trouble at all.”

“That’s for me” you said to yourself. ” I will always be perfect” .

Perhaps you had nothing to fear as an elf. And having been loved and cared for it was natural for you to pass it on.

And look at you now.

Most of us fall into the first group. When it becomes too painful to be in that group we say “ouch”. And we pass it on. Whoever is standing by, then says “ouch”.

But there is a dependable source of Love. If you believe me on that then accept The Love and pass it on.

If you don’t believe me, say “ouch” and pass that on.

Or…………………….You can pretend: Think of the words “I Love you” and pass it on.

Leaders do not set out to be leaders. Those who do so are the caretakers of the Unspoken Word. These are Championship Followers and yes they like to say “I am a Leader”. They not only know all the rules by heart but those that are not written down. Be careful of these people. Their lives are built on the discoveries of others; rarely do they have a new idea to share. Their tools of reinforcement, the weapons that control behaviors, are gossip and interrogation. You can be this kind of person. It’s easy. Just learn the rules. The first rule is to say “ouch”. The second rule is to pass it on. That is what it takes to be the best follower. The best follower is often called The Leader. That is always a mistake. Sometimes we have to live with that mistake.

But you want to be successful, don’t you?. Now there are no rules for that. If you want to be a success by using rules, write a new book cataloguing a different list of rules. Then sell that Book of Rules. Then say “Thanks for the Love” and pass it on.

Being a Leader is not a decision made by those who want to be Leaders.

Do you want to “be” or to “become”. “To be” requires nothing more than looking in the mirror. If you are a Leader you will like the person you see in the mirror.

To “become” requires knowledge of who you are (“be”) and you have already looked in the mirror. So do the next thing; it will be the right thing. Count on it. You can become a Leader but not until you quit wanting to.

Accept the Love and pass it on.

Accept the Love and pass it on.

By Lee Broom.


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